Acrylic Extension

Our Acrylic Nail Extensions Course will teach you the acrylic nail extension process to begin offering this treatment to your clients, being one of the most popular nail-enhancement services currently requested in both salons and from nail technicians. This course will take you through the extension procedure, blending techniques and maintenance procedure, including aftercare advice. This course empowers the candidates with all the basic practical and theoretical knowledge to learn the acrylic extension safely and correctly. Now a day, people want to experiment with their look by adopting something new. This modern acrylic extension course will teach you to perform the artificial nails extension, using the acrylic enhancement material for designing the modern nails. 


Topics Covered in Kit:

1. Shape of Nails

2. Nail Anatomy

3. Nail Prep / Express Manicure

4. Natural Gel Extension

5. Gel French Extension Using Cover

6. Pink Gel + White Gel

7. Gel French Extension Using French

8. White Tip + Natural Pink Gel

9. Gel Inbuilt Glitter Extensions

10. Gel Inbuilt Mylars Extension

11. Gel Foot Nails Extensions

12. Dry Flowers Effect in Gels

13. Swarovski Extensions in Gel

14. Foil Art Extensions in Gel

15. Gel Refills

16. Gel Removal

17. Gel Overlays

18. Natural Acrylic Extension

19. Acrylic French Extension Using Cover Pink Powder + White Powder

20. Acrylic French Extension Using French White Tip + Natural Pink Powder

21. Acrylic Inbuilt Glitter Extensions

22. Acrylic Inbuilt Mylars Extension


23. 3d Flowers

24. Dry Flowers Effect in Acrylic

25. Acrylic Foot Nails Extensions

26. Swarovski Extensions in Acrylic

27. Foil Art Extensions in Acrylic

28. Acrylic Refills

29. Acrylic Removal

30. Acrylic Overlays

31. Making of Salon Services Structure

32. Pricing Structure

33. How to Convince Customer for Services