Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training

Comprehensive Training (Workshop, Live Programs, Hands-On) in Aesthetic Applications, Alopecia, and Sexual Dysfunction using PRP Therapies.

PRP Injection

Offering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies for your practice is a natural progression of services needed for a successful aesthetic practice as the popularity of these procedures has skyrocketed. Reimbursement for aesthetic applications average Rs.12000 per treatment and can easily be incorporated with your other aesthetic offerings. The cost to incorporate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) within your practice is relatively small while the return on investment is high. Patient satisfaction concerning this new procedure is very high because of the results received. PRP cell therapies repairs and regenerates damaged skin of all ages do to its biological mechanism of action and attraction of stem cells in repairing soft tissues. PRP unlocks the biological potential for healing of skin tissues and is an effective cellular therapy for a number of aesthetic conditions.

FIA Academy in Collaboration with BM Institute of Regenerative & Aesthetic Medicine’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training is the ideal addition to other aesthetic injectable procedures (i.e. Botox/dermal fillers) and This PRP procedure can be easily consolidated into any type of medical or aesthetic practice.

Our staff of Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetologists will ensure that each attendee will understand and be proficient for the aesthetic uses for platelet rich plasma. Give your patients a natural, non-synthetic, solution for their aesthetic needs and see the long-term advantages of these cellular therapies.

PRP for Face Rejuvenation

What Happens in PRP Therapies

In PRP therapies, extraction of a concentrated autologous platelets (2.5x-9.0x) from patient’s blood took place through a variety of harvesting techniques. On activation these platelets releases adhesive glycoproteins (fibrin, fibronectin, and vitronectin) and various growth factors which results in forming a fibrin mesh beneath the tissue.

  • IGF I & II: Insulin –like growth factor (somatomedin C protein) encoded in the IGF1 gene.
  • Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β): cellular differentiation and proliferation, most tissues have high expression of the gene encoding TGF-β
  • CTGF/CCN2 (Connective tissue growth factor): matricellular protein needed for angiogenesis, proliferation, and adhesion of cells.
  • FGF (Fibroblast growth factor): needed for wound healing, proliferation, and differentiation for a variety of tissues and cells.
  • EGF (Epidermal growth factor): mitogenic protein stimulating cell growth and differentiation while binding to resident cell receptors (EGFR; ErbB-1; HER-1).
  • VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor): signal protein angiogenic inducer in vivo stimulating the growth of new vessels.
  • IL 8 (Interleukan-8): proinflammatory CXC chemokine which activates intracellular signaling pathways inducing chemotaxis and promoting angiogenesis.
  • KGF/FGF7 (Keratinocyte growth factor): natural protein and paracrine mediator of epithelial cell growth – hair/alopecia treatments.
  • CD34+ Cells: stem cell marker needed to attract additional stem cells to the repair site.
  • Cytokines/Adhesion Molecules: Strombal Derived Factor – Alpha (SDF-1α): modulates migration and recruitment of stem cells to the repair and regeneration site.

PRP for Scalp (Hair)

There are cellular receptors present in our skin tissue: fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and osteoblasts. When these growth factors and cytokines bind with skin tissue receptors, they trigger and activate a variety of intercellular functions which further mediate:

  • Angiogenesis
  • Movement of stem cells to the injection area
  • New cell generation
  • Composition of extracellular matrix proteins

    Renewal happens within the tissues and fibrin ensues; growth and tissue restoration will last up to 5 weeks after the injections are done. The outcome is the betterment of local tissue growth and repairing of damaged tissue that is permanent.

    In contrast to other solutions like Botox and dermal fillers for skin, PRP is very natural (non-synthetic) and will not be reabsorbed or synthesized by any bacteria.

PRP Injection for beard and moustache

Attendees during the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) training will receive didactic on the various FDA approved spin methods, advantages of dual spin vs. single spin, and a full understanding of the biological mechanism of action for these procedures. Patient selection, indications for use, different forms of PRP, and contraindications for the use of PRP will be given as well as hands-on training through demonstrations on live patients. The various injection techniques, recommended dosing, pearls, special handling, and other considerations are given as well as potential risks and possible effects of the treatment.

This PRP training is hosted by BM Plastic Surgery’s Institute Of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine will provide participants with a condensed, yet comprehensive overview and visual/hands-on mastery in PRP for Aesthetics, Cosmetic Gynecology & Andrology. Rounding out the course will be an exciting live PRP Hair and Skin Rejuvenation demonstration.

Why FIA Academy is the best in teaching you about PRP therapies and what you learn
  • Step by Step Instruction during Live Workshop Courses & during Hands-On Session
  • Learn the different USFDA & KFDA Approved methods used to prepare PRP including:
    • Advantages of dual spin vs. single spin units
  • Difference in PRP kits and the various protocols for single spin units
  • Concentration of biological agents of each, including special considerations for handling and clinical validity of medical PRP as compared to commercial products promoted
  • Different forms of PRP and indications for use
  • Evidenced Based Science behind Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies
  • Learn the various uses of PRP for aesthetics and medical solutions for a variety of conditions
  • Special Highlights on PRP in Female Sexual Function, Male sexual Enhancement & Erectile Dysfunction
  • Acquire the necessary skills to perform all aesthetic injections and understand the inclusion or exclusion of white blood cells for specific areas as well as the benefits of decanting red cells for certain facial areas.
  • Learn the various delivery options such as dermal rollers including selection criteria
  • Understand the biologic activity of PRP, clinical validity of PRP, anecdotal studies concerning various medical conditions, aesthetic considerations for use of PRP, as well as the future of cell therapies.
  • Relative and Absolute Contraindications for Treatment
  • Dosing Schedules, Follow-up and Setting Patient Expectations
  • Learn from our Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetologists about combination therapies, likely results for patients, and various other options to enhance PRP or other augmentation procedures for overall patient satisfaction.
  • Learn to market and promote these new procedures using conventional marketing techniques and internet marketing. Pricing and packaging options are presented within the PRP Workshop for a better understanding on how you will incorporate these procedures into your practice.
  • Fia Academy’s low student to instructor ratio, our intense hands-on sessions supervised by our expert instructors, and also we do provide a tailored one-on-one experience.



We are one of the only training providers to use live patients on our training courses


This course is held in our training clinic in Mylapore & Nanganallur, Chennai


We offer you the chance to divide the cost of your course as Easy Monthly Installments (EMI)


We provide ongoing support after your training. Our clinical leads are on hand to answer any questions you may have


Our course is certified and we provide a certificate of attendance at the end of each course to enable you to start treating


Learn about the different procedures for developing the PRP serum so you can best treat the particular medical or aesthetic condition with which you’re looking to help your patient.


Given that PRP therapy is the next big thing in the field of medicine, you absolutely need to train in this innovative procedure that can help patients with the rare chance of side effects.


Having taken the training course, you must attain hands-on experience and sit for your oral and written exams. You can now earn certification.


Dr Rajinikanth, MS, MCh, FAM

Dr. Rajinikanth is a renowned Plastic Surgeon who is highly credentialed and sought after by patients throughout Chennai as well as outside Tamil Nadu State and abroad. Dr. Rajinikanth is part of the Celebrity Practice of “BM Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Clinic”. Dr. Rajinikanth has received various awards throughout his training, for aesthetic conferences.


Dr. Rajinikanth is a “super specialist” in many of the most popular Cosmetic procedures that are in the highest demand in our metro and vogue community of Chennai. Dr. Rajinikanth perfroms just about every cosmetic procedure from the injectables to Laser techniques (noninvasive and invasive), and perform body contouring, hair restoration, and many “proprietary” techniques which Dr. Rajinikanth has developed to help his patients look and feel their best.


Dr Rajinikanth, MS, MCh, FAM discovered the benefits of PRP and pioneered PRP-related treatment techniques and research. Dr. Rajinikanth served as a full-time Consultant in the division of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery and as Asst. director at BM Hospitals Nanganallur.


The “Celebrity Plastic Surgeon” as he is best known for, Dr. Rajinikanth.T , was born in Chennai City, Graduated as a Surgeon at Raja Muthiah Medical College, Annamalai University and did Masters in Plastic Surgery at SRMC, Chennai. With more than 18 years of experience; He owns BM Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Clinic based at Multiple areas, where he not only offers multiple services ranging from Plastic Surgery, Surgical & non Surgery cosmetic procedures, Dental, Micropigmentation medical camouflage to achieve the perfect treatment, but also offers treatments such as skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatments with the latest equipment, painless laser hair removal and injectables. He has become an expert in everything beauty and health-related.


Dr Rajinikanth has performed more than 3000 PRP procedures varying from Aesthetic to Wounds and Sexual Function. His “proprietary” techniques have helped many doctors to treat their patient right.


Dr. Rajinikanth also has a passion for helping people that are less fortunate, He is a Philanthropist and a part of many Non Profit Organisations.