PRP LIVE Courses

PRP LIVE Courses

  1. PRP LIVE General
  2. PRP LIVE Male Sexual & Reproductive Function
  3. PRP LIVE Female Sexual & Reproductive Function

LIVE Visual Workshop on

Comprehensive & Advanced Treatments of PRP

  1. Online or Offline class
  2. Modular Choices to Choose
  3. Plastic Surgeon and Senior Cosmetologists as Faculty
  4. Mandatory Masks for Unvaccinated Individuals & COVID-19 Precautions for Offline Students

LIVE Treatments of
General – GL01 – Rs.60,000/- (2 Days)

Depressed Scars
Hypertrophic Scars
Stretch marks
Under Eye Hollowness
Wrinkle Treatment
Breast Augmentation – Vampire Breast Lift
Beard & Moustache
Hands & Neck Rejuvenation

Male – ML01 – Rs.80,000/- (Dates Vary) (Only for MBBS Doctors)

PRP in Erectile Dysfunction
APRP in Male Enhancement
Azoospermia & Poor DNA Fragmentation Index

Female – FL01 – Rs.80,000/- (Dates Vary) (Only for MBBS Doctors)

Vaginal Rejuvenation – O shot
PRP in Endometrial Health
Stimulation of Ovarian Function
Costing of Visual Training of the Procedures for those who have completed the Comprehensive workshop (In Rupees)
GL01 – Rs.45,000/-
ML01 – Rs.65,000/-
FL01 – Rs.65,000/-
* – Pl.Note: Days May not be Consecutive. Will wary as per the patient’s appointments